12th March 2008

my god, right.. in JT.. standing waiting to collect something...

and some women comes in and she's like her.. my son and husband play games online and they say they have a high ping is it?

So I'm like aww sweet lady, trying to sort out her internet for her fam.. so cool hopefully this guy at JT can help

So she's like.. im with newtel should I move across to you, will that help?

So I expect he'll be selling JT broadband to her, being that he works there and that's his job.. so he fucking stands there and goes `ohh yes the ping yeah that means that the data is buffering when they're trying to download the videos on the games and it probably pauses and goes slow...' OMG know your job u twat... she was like.. well im sure they said it was the ping? And he was like.. yeah yeah all the same thing moving to us wont help you... there's not a lot you can do really.


I was itching to shout at the prick.. its your job for starters to get people to move to you.. secondly YES it would help being that JT fuck all Newtel people over and shove them all on the same card at the exchange.. secondly get the women to move to business rapid with less contention or even suggest SDSL!! I mean don't tell her that's the end of it u dumb fuck. Then he goes on to talk to her for about 30 minutes about how soon they'll be bringing in 8mb lines and then even faster but she'll have to wait until then.. bullshit! That probably won't help as they'll still be putting loads of people on the same card.. poor women she even said.. maybe I can get a second line in for the second computer and what did he say? Nah that wont help... FUCK SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUNT.

25th June 2007

Why the fuck can't people fucking read for fuck's sake?

If they read their email they wouldn't get everything fucking wrong, you don't need a PHD to read for fuck's sake.

4th June 2007

"Do you know what the most annoying thing in the world is?

Fucking Microsoft Word."

11th April 2007:

"Bratch - your parents suck..."

28th March 2007:

"Some people are so stupid..."

"Chewed pens are sick man!"

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